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Science intro Basics Slide 'n' roll Swerve Fitness Metrics Top tips


The Geordies' philosophy is that you can't take the science of skittling too seriously. Unless, that is, you get anal about poor performance and want to understand where you're going wrong and how to correct it. In which case you can't take the science of skittling too seriously.

The prime objectives of our intensive training regime are to avoid dehydration and to exercise the bowling arm regularly. A good bitter taken in moderation ............

Want to know more? For those who envy the Geordies' performance and are seriously interested in emulating us, we have decided to share some of our most jealously guarded secrets:

  • Physics - our guide to basics, the transition from sliding to pure rolling, and swerve (including our search for a mechanism for the elusive late swerve). Our research team are currently working on the 'run-up' to the line and grip, swing and release of the ball; results will be posted as soon as they have been thoroughly tested and peer reviewed.
  • Fitness - our hints to ensure that you are at your peak of physical fitness throughout the skittling season, including a tried and tested warm-up routine. Also some advice for skittlers who get it into their heads that they are crap. If you are one of those, this advice will help you overcome negative attitudes and improve your performance (unless you really are crap).
  • Nutrition. Keep it simple! Skittling is just like any other sport. To maximize your performance you must be in top condition, and a good diet is an important aspect of this. As skittlers, the challenge is to find the healthy food when some venues don't stock low carb necessities such as pork scratchings. Essential information on low carb diets is provided at Pork Scratching World. and top athletes have endorsed a new low-fat version of pork scratchings as a super-food. Rob's Home of Tenpin Bowling advocates drinking several pints before and during a game in order to maintain an adequate level of hydration.
  • Ninepin analytics - specialized analysis of empirical evidence, specifically skittles statistics, that measures in-game perfomance and generates objective knowledge of the sport.
  • Top tips - adapted from eTeamz 'Ten Things to Remember' when tenpin bowling.

Enjoy and don't forget to tell us what you found useful! Just email Stan.